The diamond wire cuts the block marble by a rolling pulley. When the machine starts, engine moves the motor shaft and it turns the pulley. The engine is fixed on a car and motor shaft is due to pulley. The chassis of the machine is ramped to resolve the gap creating while the diamond wire is cutting. Before cutting, the car is removed to the top of the inclined plane by a drum rope and ratchet mechanism. During cutting the car slides on the rail and maintains the tension on the wire. So that the cutting process occurs. Water is sent to the cutting zone by hoses controlled with valves. The water protects the cutting equipment from warming up and takes the marble dust away.


Technical Specifications

Engine Type Electric
Motor power 20 or 25 HP, 15 or 18 KW
Engine Speed 1500 rpm
Motor Voltage 380 V
Walking System Roller (by hand)
Wire to be used Diamond
Cutting Speed ​​Hour 3 - 5 m² Surface / Hour
Wire Rotation Capacity 10 - 25 m
Water Need  200 liter / hour
Pulley Diameter 50 cm, 1 piece
Weight 300 kg
Length 3200 mm
Height 1450 mm
Width 1000 mm
Registered trademark KAPTANLAR
Commercial Model RSM 20
Lifetime 10 years
Warranty Period 2 years
Service Time 20 working days


User's Guide

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