AOSM 40 ELECTRIC ANGLE AUTOMATIC COUNTING MACHINE: The cutting process allows the diamond wire to be turned with the help of a pulley and cut the block marble. When the machine works, the motor moves the motor shaft and turns the pulley and the marble block is cut with the help of diamond wire. The motor is fixed on a car and a pulley connected to the motor shaft is used. The slack formed in the wire during cutting is automatically removed by the walking motor. Thus, the cutting process is completed. During the cutting process in the electric diamond wire block marble cutting machine, water is sent to the cutting area with hoses and it can be used with the help of a valve. Thanks to the water, the cutting tool (Diamond Wire) is prevented from overheating and the resulting marble dust is removed from the cutting area.



Technicial Specifications

Engine Type Electric
Motor power 40 HP, 30 KW
Engine Speed 1500 d/d (Rpm)
Motor Voltage 380V
Wire to be used Diamond
Cutting Speed ​​Hour 6 - 10 m² Surface / Hour
Capacity 35 – 50 m
Water Need Hours 200 Liter Hour
Pulley Diameter 60cm
Weight 600 Kg.
Length 4500 mm
Height 1500 mm
Width 1500 mm
Registered trademark KAPTANLAR
Commercial Model AOSM 40
Lifetime 10 years
Warranty Period 2 years
Service Time 20 working days


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