KTK 80S ELECTRIC SIDED AUTOMATIC WALKING ANGULAR DIAMOND WIRE BLOCK MARBLE CUTTING MACHINE: According to the working principle, the side, angled bottom cutting process with its rail automatic travel enables the diamond wire to be turned into a pulley and cut the block marble. When the machine runs, the motor turns the pulley to move to the motor shaft and the diamond wire marble block is cut in the desired direction. The slack formed in the wire during cutting is automatically removed by the travel motors. Thus, the cutting process is completed. In the electric diamond wire block cutting process, water is sent during the cutting process and the valve can be washed. Thanks to the water, it prevents the cutting tool (Diamond Wire) from overheating and removing the marble dust from the cutting area. Due to the fact that the machine is subject to the rail system in its own right, it eliminates rail transport, feeding and cutting elements. While the machine is cutting, it removes the problem of waiting for the activity with the automatic control method. Thanks to the design of the machine, the working cutting mechanism is free from dust and sludge, which minimizes the loss of work and performs 30% - 50% faster cutting activity compared to our other rail machines.



Technical Specifications

Engine Type Electric
Motor power 80 HP, 55 KW
Engine Speed 1000 rev/min
Motor Voltage 380 V
Working Type

Self-Rail Automatic Walking Side, Bottom, Angle Cutting

Walking System 2 HP, 1,5 KW, Speed ​​Controlled
Wire to be used Diamond
Cutting Speed ​​Hour 10–20 m² Surface Clock
Capacity 80 – 120 m²
Working Angle 180 ° in all positions
Rail Length 5200 mm
Water Need Hours 500 Liter per Hour
Pulley Diameter 80 cm, 1 Piece
Heading Pulley Diameter 30 cm, 2 Piece
Weight 2000 kg.
Length 6150 mm
Height 2100 mm
Width 1200 mm
Registered trademark KAPTANLAR
Commercial Model KTK 80
Lifetime 10 years
Warranty Period 2 years
Service Time 20 working days


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