HMSM 2015 Kaptanlar Marble (Wheeled) Rock Drilling Machine is a marble drilling machine used for drilling marble and/or natural stone in natural stone quarries. The marble drilling machine provides ease of movement and maneuvering thanks to the robotic control of the drilling equipment. Another important purpose of the machine is to provide powerful operation thanks to the fact that the drilling equipment is reinforced with hydromotor transmission. Drilling tower, on the other hand, is to be installed in the shortest time with Balancing, Boom Driving, Skid Shifting, Skid Standing Pistons, Tower Rotation System and Hydraulic jaw system. Keyless Pipe removal and installation features. Night work is the presence of lamps on the machine that are designed for night work and allow night work.

Technical Specifications

Engine Type Electric-Diesel (Double Engine)
Engine Power Electrical: 22 kW (30 hp); Diesel: 55 kW (80 hp)
Gun Right-Left Turn Hydromotor-Gearbox Reinforced
Gun Forward Backward Movementt Hydromotor-Gearbox Reinforced
Machine Forward and Backward Movement 3 Wheeled Italian Walking System
Drilling Speed 2 m / 7-12 minutes (at 6-10 bars)
Drilling Diameter Between 95 mm - 100 mm
Air Consumption 2,1 m³-4,5 m³ / min (at 6-10 Bar)
Working Angle Horizontal - Vertical - Parallel - Oblique Angles
Supplied Accessory Pipe (2 m 10 pcs.)  / Fast Hole Bottom Gun (3 in)
Total weight 4800 kg

Balancing - Boom Driving - Slide Shift - Slide Strut Pistons -

Qucik Installation with the Turret Rotation System and Dismantling Jaws

Length 6.0 m
Width 2,1 m
Height 1.9 m.

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